We consider the song as a word that is written along with the music or at least to accompany the music

Javad Ghasemi says that the biggest feature of the song is feelings in the form of words and in vernacular.

Javad Ghasemi says that the song has parts called (Part) and (Vers).

Every part has a priority clause called (Kores).

The refrain is the part of the song that is repeated at the end of the first and second parts.

In this regard, Javad Ghasemi says that a songwriter should be familiar with all the principles of poetry and poetry

 He can ignore the principles of classical poetry if he knows these principles so that he can defy them.

With these principles, Javad Ghasemi has been able to cooperate with prominent singers of the country, and some of these works have been seen and heard worldwide, which in turn has earned him one of the artistic honors.

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