Who doesn’t love short films? These are the best options for anyone’s no-movie movie mood. If you too love watching these small but interesting video clips, then we must share this exciting news with you! The distinguished production house, Purgehood Motion Pictures, has started the shooting of their next short film.
But that’s not it! This production house is preparing to gear up for its big shot at a renowned film festival with this short film. And why not? After all, getting credit on big stages is worth gallons of contentment. 
The team at this eminent production house are excited to announce they have commenced the shooting of their next project, which they are aiming to enrol in the country’s biggest and most cherished film festival. Purgehood Motion Pictures, along with one of the industry’s most experienced directors, is working on a short film. And this time they are keeping it a Sci-Fi Drama. We know you are thrilled, aren’t you? 
This information from Purgehood Motion Pictures has piqued our interest. The story of the short film will outline how excessive advancement in technology can be a downfall for humanity. Don’t we all know the certainty of this? To be particular, in Purgehood Motion Pictures’ this short film, you might see dreams turning into reality, some amazing VFX, and a few of your favourite actors.
Who says you can’t dream big? The sky’s the limit, and these creative minds putting their best into assembling something extraordinary is proof. Purgehood Motion Pictures has been in the entertainment industry for over years and has graced the filmy buffs with amusing movies. They have several projects in the pipeline, including this yet-to-be-titled short film. The makers of Purgehood Motion Pictures have always focused on bringing stories that influence the human race.
The production house is based in the entertainment capital of the country, Mumbai. Purgehood Motion Pictures also does mass production for TV commercials and service production in India for feature films, photography, documentary films, music videos, and digital films. We hope that Purgehood not only takes their short film to the film festival but also gets recognition for their work.

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