This spring, TCU is very likely to win another Natty. The TCU rifle squad won a national championship earlier this year. TCU’s Equestrian may bring the next one this coming weekend.

At the World Equestrian Centre in Ocala, Florida, on Friday afternoon, the TCU equestrian team defeated No. 4 Texas A&M, 11-9, to advance to the NCEA National Championship for the second time in programme history.

It will be the Horned Frogs’ first national championship appearance since 2016. TCU will play No. 2 SMU, the defending national champions, on Saturday at 9 a.m. CT.

“The Frogs are excited to compete tomorrow,” director of equestrian Haley Schoolfield explains. “We are grateful to be in this position and to have this wonderful opportunity.”


TCU was defeated by A&M 3-2 in the semifinal match that started in the fences arena. At the World Equestrian Centre, Jordyn Scelsa maintained her flawless record (2-0), scoring an 85-84 victory over Hardy. With the best score of the competition, 87.33, Ashleigh Scully defeated Kevin to open the day.


The Horned Frogs defeated the Aggies 3-2 in the western arena. Giorgia Medows won the first point with a score of 67.83 on Magnum, her tenth victory of the year. Kaylene Cunningham won the event in the NCEA competition with a razor-thin margin over her opponent, 71.67-71.33, on Barbie. Shea Graham secured her second reining victory of the weekend with a 71.17 performance on JellyBean to round up the proceedings.


Before the Frogs got things going in the Flat arena, the match was knotted 5-5 at the half. where the Aggies were defeated, 3-2, by the leaping seat unit. In her debut at the 2024 NCEA tournament, Laurel Smith demonstrated that Charlie had earned the point with a score of 78.33-73. Ella Bostwick won her tenth match of the year with a solid performance against Barnaby. Scully won her second match of the day against Trey as she closed out the day for the jumping seat team. With an 80.33, the senior received the best score in the competition.


Before the last competition of the day, horsemanship, TCU had an 8-7 lead. The western team eventually defeated the Aggies, 3-2. Payton Boutelle rode into the arena against Snip with a 75.67 score, and she won the first point with a 76.17. Charlie saw Jessica McAllister defeat her opponent 77.67–77.17 to earn TCU’s tenth point of the day. The last Frog to enter the arena, Medows defeated Chubby 75.17-64.33 to secure the victory.

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