In her most recent posts, Kangana Ranaut criticised Selfiee, the recently released movie starring Akshay Kumar, and inadvertently compared it to Dhaakad.

On the day when Selfiee was released, actress Kangana Ranaut criticised the movie on her Instagram page. The film, which stars Emraan Hashmi and Akshay Kumar in the key roles, is directed by Raj Mehta of Good Newz fame. In response to a Selfiee box office report that likened Kangana to Akshay, the Queen actor mockingly praised Karan Johar.

Kangana wrote, “Karan Johar’s movie Selfie has barely made 10 lakhs on the first day. I don’t see even one trade or media person talk about it forget insulting or tormenting him the way they harass me.” She was comparing the first day box office of her most recent film, Dhakaad, to Selfiee.

Trade analysts projected that Selfie will earn between $4 and $5 crore on its debut day, which is Friday. If true, Akshay Kumar will have had one of his worst openings in the last ten years of his career. There are just 1200 theatres available for the movie in India.

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