Since Apple’s initial unveiling of iOS 17 at WWDC23, it has been a few months. However, the organization has since made a number of beta releases that have given users and developers a sneak preview of what’s to come. With Apple now delivering beta 5 to developers, we are moving into the home stretch and getting ever-closer to a final release. If you want to download and install the most recent beta, make sure your device is signed up for the Apple Developer Program.

There aren’t any notes yet for the additions or fixes that have been made. Even though this beta is further along in the cycle, we still advise against installing it if you use this device on a regular basis. However, if you are feeling adventurous and want to get right in, go ahead; just make sure to back up any crucial data you may have before you begin.

A developer account was originally a paid service, but Apple just made it free for everyone. You must first register your current Apple ID on the Apple Developer website before going to your iPhone’s settings menu in order to install a beta. Go to the General section of the Settings menu and then select the Software Update menu. Go to the Beta Updates section from here and select the iOS 17 Developer Beta selection. You should be able to continue updating the beta when you get to the main update menu.

The safer option is to take the same steps as before but sign up for the iOS 17 Public Beta rather than the iOS 17 Developer Beta if all of this seems a little overwhelming. Your access to the beta will remain be granted as long as the Developer Beta is assessed to be functioning properly. If you don’t like beta software, just wait; according to rumors, Apple will release new iPhones and a public beta of iOS 17 next month.

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