All good music isn’t planned. Knowing when to keep a happy accident gives your tracks soul, life, and personality. Space is sound. It’s your fault if you project a stereotype. Making your own space is becoming liberated. But occasionally it’s a difficult chore. The core of all music is what you put in the space and how you arrange it. It might be simple or complex depending on the situation. The knowledge that your place is entirely private gives you comfort regardless of how you get to your sound. Standing in the shallow end has never been a method of swimming instruction. Developing your music requires finding new sources of inspiration.

Learning More About Music Production By Hassan Shareef

The ability to write a good song is a talent that most people will never experience. It’s quite miraculous how technology and music have combined to make such remarkable strides in the songwriting, recording, and production processes. Although learning to produce music is a truly amazing ability, it can be incredibly difficult for both beginners and seasoned musicians.

Hassan’s immediate priorities include the expansion of his production company and management firm by creating a state-of-the-art upscale recording and artist development facility. “I want to span my wings as far as they will go and be known as someone with a true loyalty to everything hip hop.” Such drive has put Hassan on the front row of entertainment executives making a considerable impact in the industry. Despite all of this, Hassan shyly admits that he will never stop pursuing his love for the game and will always be ‘forever on the hustle’.

Specialties of Hassan Shareef

With a major interest in Film/TV scoring, music placement, licensing, budgeting, music production, recording studio facility, management, sponsorship, event planning, business management, and as an investor Hassan continues to stay current with the rapidly evolving music business today. Hassan presently owns and runs The Mastering House/Black Magic Studios in New York, which is on the Upper East Side. The business focuses on recording, mixing, and mastering. Sevyn Streeter, Mack Wild, Cassidy, and Gunplay are just a few of the stars who visit the studio to record and collaborate. Hassan has a background in hip hop, but he has also composed music for video games including Grand Theft Auto 5 and 6 (Rockstar Games) and the Halo series.

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