Musician and musician Rossana said: Some people believe that music and science are completely opposite to each other, and others consider science and music to be an inseparable couple, but studying the activities of people like Annette Love, Carolyn Scott, Oil Hirst and Tom Green shows There is a deep and mysterious connection between music and science.

He continued: Of course, this statement does not mean that studying science will make people better in the field of music or vice versa, but by comparing the two, we find that both fields are full of their own characteristics, but The connection between these two disciplines can have a significant impact on the content of the work.

Referring to the theory of “musical analysis and use of musical patterns”, Rossana  mentioned: this theory deals with the breaks between notes, the rhythmic order in which the notes appear, etc. For example, the interval C to G is a fifth interval, like the first two notes of the Star Wars movie music. The combination of C, G and E gives us a definite and stable harmony of C major. Using music theory will direct us to the music we want instead of randomly picking notes until we get what sounds good.

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