In addition to being incorporated with several Workspace services, Google Gemini is currently being translated to the desktop Chrome browser. Android smartphone customers weren’t quite ready to move to Gemini as a voice assistant, even though it showed encouraging results during its initial run. This was because Gemini lacked key essential features from Google Assistant, such support for music streaming. Gemini has long been rumored to enable music streaming in the near future, and now we’re getting an early look at what that would entail.

AssembleDebug, a well-known leaker, discovered a new Music option on the Gemini settings page. It allows users to “Select preferred services used to play music.” The version number of the Gemini app, which opens this new tab in the Settings page, was not specified in the source, though.

Understandably, the Music page is currently empty; however, a list of the music streaming services that are suitable with the device will eventually appear there. This means that Gemini can open material from the selected music app when users have the choice to select Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and other media providers as the default media source. There is presently no information on when the new Music option under the Gemini settings will go live, thus this looks to be an early version of the upcoming integration.

Why does this matter so much?

There are numerous advantages to the Gemini app for Android, and it excels Google Assistant in a number of areas. As PiunikaWeb points out, however, the majority of Assistant users have been stopped from migrating due to the absence of compatibility for music streaming services.

In my personal experience, using Gemini was a lot of fun for the first few days, but ultimately the novelty wore off-primarily because it couldn’t recognize orders relating to music. We expect more Android smartphone users to switch to Gemini as support for music streaming services is currently in the works.

Recently, Google’s AI chatbot has made some significant advancements. Gemini was able to launch Google Maps navigation while requesting instructions automatically thanks to an update released in late March. In a similar vein, Gemini gained support for reminders with the useful Google Assistant extension in February.

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