Doctor, would you please tell us about your recent invention that you are going to defend in the next competitions:

For the competitions, routinely and professionally, I never talk about the performance of my new device because rivals may take advantage of the information that I present. I can only tell you that my new device is a transmitter that creates radio connections among bird objects in space and their terrestrial base stations, such as airplanes and fighter aircraft. This device has innovative technology and uses a specific spectrum of frequencies. Well, I have 2 plans, and I want to participate in both of them and finally choose one as a surprise. I want certainly to win this competition.

Do you think that you will take an acceptable place for this year?

With God’s mercy and grace, I will surely take a high place because I made many efforts for it and I know that in my life I always step in somewhere I am sure about and work to take first place. I mean that I want to take a place in the following competition and I ask people to pray for me so that they won’t be disappointed in me.

Do you have any sponsor or someone that encourages you?

Does the Iranian government support you for defending and winning a medal in the competition?


The Iranian government doesn’t provide me with any support, only Elite Association offers some facilities from the Scientific Assistance of Vice President, and I can use them, rise companies, get some subsidies, but the government has never spent anything for me, and I have never used government facilities. 

What do you recommend to people interested in these kinds of competitions?

I recommend youngsters who intend to start working in this field and introduce their ideas to the world, and also participate in real competitions, to begin with taking place in local events and competitions such as Khwarizmi Awards and when succeed there, then participate in international events and finally reach World Competitions like Geneva, Switzerland, and the USA which are the most famous in the world.

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