Users will be able to utilize this functionality to search the site for content based on particular subjects.

When a user taps on an icon, they can search for relevant threads by typing a term or phrase into the search bar.

After seeing a recent decline, Meta has been attempting to increase the number of users that download the Threads app.

For Indian users, the Threads app on Instagram is enhancing its keyword and topic suggestion search functionality. The US, the UK, Argentina, Mexico, and other English- and Spanish-speaking nations will also be given access to the same service.

With the help of this function, users will be able to look for postings on the site that address particular topics. Users can tap on an icon, type a word or phrase in the search field, and then look through threads that are relevant to their query.

In August, the tech giant started putting the feature through testing with consumers in Australia and New Zealand.

The deployment of the new functionality was announced by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, in a post on Threads. He stated that “most English and Spanish speaking countries” would soon have access to it.

“Once we feel like we’re in a very good place on that, then I’m highly confident that we’re going to be able to pour enough gasoline on this to help it grow,” Zuckerberg continued. Both the Threads mobile app and the new established web platform will have access to the feature.

The addition of the functionality is part of Meta’s efforts to attract users back to the Threads app after a decline in the number of active users.

To compete with X (at the time, Twitter), Meta released the app in July. It integrates a user’s Instagram account and provides a Twitter-like experience for Instagram users.

According to a report, Indian users accounted for one-third of all app downloads worldwide at the time of launch. According to the data, India had the highest user index with 33% of all downloads, followed by Brazil with 22%, the US with 16%, Mexico with 8%, and Japan with 5%.

In just 10 days, Threads had surpassed 150 million users worldwide. Additionally, the analysis showed that Threads attracted one-fifth of all weekly active Twitter users globally. According to CNN, the app only had 8 Mn daily users as a result of an 82% reduction in active users in August.

A web version of the app, a possibility to browse postings by following accounts chronologically, a reposting option, and other features were all introduced by Meta before the most recent upgrade to Threads.

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