Javed Miandad reckons Pakistan should take a firm stance and refuse unless the BCCI sends the Indian cricket team for a series first.

Javed Miandad, a former captain, has levelled a new and vehement criticism at the BCCI for declining to travel Pakistan for the Asia Cup in 2023. After the ACC (Asia Cricket Council) adopted the ‘hybrid model’ for the Asia Cup, according to which India will play all of its matches in Sri Lanka, Miandad, who has been highly critical of India’s reservations about going to Pakistan to play cricket, did not hold back. Miandad, who thinks that Pakistan should refrain from visiting India unless the Indian cricket team comes to play a series, is not happy with this suggestion.

“I usually suggest that since one cannot pick their neighbours, it is best to live in harmony with one another. And I’ve always thought that cricket is a game that strengthens international relations by eradicating miscommunications and animosities between nations. It’s time we too take a strong stance today, he said, adding that it was expected that they will once again not send their side to Pakistan for the Asia Cup.


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