There are two kinds of people; one who goes with the flow and the other who creates their own destiny. Those who choose to go with the flow are okay and comfortable with the things that occur with them. They don’t have a broad goal to achieve, nor are they visionary about anything. Less passionate individuals either stay busy with their 9 to 5 jobs or run a small business. They never think about succeeding further or accomplishing bigger achievements; they just go with the flow. On the contrary, there are passionate individuals who are never satisfied with the things against their dreams. These individuals have dreams of doing something great in life by staying true to their passion. All great successful people in this world have a similar school of thought. These people never compromise on their dreams and aim to achieve bigger goals. Success comes to those who are dedicatedly working to achieve it. Passionate people relentlessly strive to meet their end goals and set an example for others. One prominent example comes from a visionary motorcyclist and adventurer, Khalid Al Jaber.

In today’s world, where competition is tough, it is difficult for people to achieve their goals and reach their desired destination quickly. People need to reach their full potential to smash their goals. Staying focused, passionate, and true to dreams enable an individual to achieve goals and reach the maximum heights of success. Khalid Al Jaber is a true example of a successful leader who stays motivated and persistent in reaching their desired destination and achieving their goals despite all the hurdles.

Born on July 16, 1977, Khalid Al Jaber belongs to a family of Islamic scholars. His family members are well-settled in reputable fields. On the contrary, Khalid’s vision was entirely different from his family’s professional background. He always dreamed of being an adventurous motorcyclist. He was a kid when he developed an interest in riding a motorcycle. Khalid was just eight years old when he took his first ride, which developed his passion for being a professional motorcyclist to travel around the world. When he turned 13, he took his first motorcycle out for a ride. He kept riding and never stopped. Khalid was much excited about his love for riding a motorcycle. He knew what he wanted to do in his life.

Besides fulfilling his passion, Khalid followed in his family’s footsteps as they had a strong academic background. He didn’t have any family pressure, but he still wanted to develop his educational career. The Qatar-based motorcyclist passionately headed to London for his education. He earned his bachelor’s in Computing Information Systems from Richmond, the American International University in London. Later, he completed his Master’s in Innovative Technology and Computer Crimes from the University of East London. He also enrolled himself in a Ph.D. program at Portsmouth, but he didn’t complete that and came back to Qatar.

After returning to Qatar, Khalid Al Jaber initiated his professional career by working in a business firm. But he didn’t receive any satisfaction from such work and a similar routine. Khalid wanted to leave everything and pursue his career in his adventurous passion. He followed his grandfather’s advice, which told him to follow his fantasies and pursue them in every case. Khalid decided to quit his job when he had made enough savings to pursue his passion. Khalid started following his dreams and decided to travel by bike. Initially, he commenced with short trips with his bike within the city, which transformed into highway journeys and, subsequently, intercountry travel. Khalid has traveled to various places on his bike, including across Europe, the Middle East, and various Gulf countries. Till now, he has traveled to 84 countries from the mountains of the Himalayas to the Silk Road and to other numerous places on his bike. He is also the crew candidate for the lunar orbital around the moon.

Khalid Al Jaber, popularly known as Sindbad, is an inspiration for those who want to achieve their dreams but have no firm belief. He is the younger brother of Hamad Al Jaber, a renowned Qatari Surgeon. Khalid is a visionary motorcyclist and adventurer who never compromised on his passion. He is a true example of a passionate individual willing to reach their desired destinations.