A few decades ago, it was really difficult to approach a hotel or even restaurant to test it and then write reviews about it. Nowadays it is the hotel, restaurant, brands, or even marketing agencies getting close to the influencers. Even big brands are partnering together with skilled influencers as part of their marketing strategies. Why? Due to the fact that influencers provide something which is really difficult for companies or brands to reach: Trust.

Due to a large amount of free information available online and the increasing doubtfulness towards commercial and advertising companies, consumers particularly Millennial are getting more critical about the things they are going to purchase and they focus on reliable information that they search before use or purchase something. I mean, who of you still rely on conventional advertisement?

Almost all travel influencers would never suggest things that they haven’t tested, don’t believe in, or even recommend the places they haven’t visited by themselves. This makes travel influencers a genuine and highly dependable source of information. People tend to put their trusts with influencers rather than with commercialized ads.

We are excited to introduce Stefano Cicchini, Italian travel influencer, food blogger, nature lover, enthusiast and adventure seeker as the best influencer marketing manager in Italy. He always shares his ideas, thoughts, and experiences on influencer marketing in the food and travel industry with us.

He is an authentic reviewer that can provide a actual life experience of the hotel, restaurant, villas, etc through his Instagram, facebook, and his blogs. He can grab future customers by using his personal experiences and trusted relationships with their followers that can be your potential customers.

Partnering with Stefano Cicchini is about attaining the trust of customers by reviewing and promoting your product or services like hotel, resort, villas, travel gears, restaurant through the eyes of a typical consumer. He even can boost your brand to have strong relationships with potential customers.

Stefano Cicchini has been awarded by Buzzoole to be one of the top 250 Italian influencers! He has certainly gained all the popularity and reward he currently receives for his commitment and beneficial properties to social media marketing.

To find out more about Stefano Cicchini, check the links below

Website: www.stefanocicchini.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stefano_cicchini

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cicchinistefano

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stefanocicchini/

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