Take a professional coder with incredible business acumen.  Add a love of travel with friends to the best possible locations.  Complicate matters slightly because of payments, organization, and personal locations.  The result is an app that will drastically revamp the way people travel with friends.

Andrew Thompson, under his professional name Fashion, started coding in middle school.  He picked up on building webpages and social media soon after.  He built the first Myspace editor for users of the early social media platform. For Andrew Fashion, visit andrewfashion.com

By 2007, Myspace was quickly on the outs, and the smartphone was on its way in.  He made a paradigm shift from PC to Apple and learned its new coding language Swift.  Today, he spends his time working on a solution for the complication of traveling with friends.

Gypsee is a revolutionary app that is designed to help friends who may live in any number of different locations arrive on location for a travel adventure.  All they have to do is deceptively simple.  Select a location and travel date.  Make the payments for the adventure, and when paid in full, arrive at your closest major airport.  Gypsee will have 100 percent of everything else taken care of for you.  The others you have invited should arrive at the same place as you within a few hours.

Gypsee’s plan is to have an initial launch in early March.  The first 50 – 100 users will be considered ambassadors and known as the 50 Elite.  Subscribers will have the opportunity to select from several locations in the continental U.S.  The ultimate goal for the app is international travel, adventures for subscribers and the opportunity to explore and search the location on quests designed by the Gypsee team.

Fashion has built over 25 successful businesses.  His earliest and most successful was a small skateboarding company in Denver.  He and his partners sold t-shirts, stickers and board decks as well as sponsored a pro-team who participated in various events around the Denver area.

His first real break came with the now mostly out of fashion social media platform Myspace.  He designed and coded the first Myspace editor Myspacesupport.com.  This website made Fashion an overnight millionaire.

As the interest in Myspace waned and the app concept rose, Fashion moved from websites to app design.  His first major app, Evolve, enlisted the help of Instagram influencer Sommer Ray as a spokesperson for the app and business.

It was a conversation with a dear friend that Fashion got the idea of Gypsee.  Fashion and his friends were always interested in travel, and Fashion had the means to cover most, if not all expenses.

The day came when this was no longer possible.  The next day is when Gypsee changed from an idea to soon to be a widely available app for the adventurous traveler.  Learn more at www.gypsee.travel.

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