COVID-19 has wholly uprooted the way we live our lives. From what we are doing to what we consume, people have had to make significant changes to their lifestyles and routines. These changes came with no notice, and while it wasn’t easy, so many people are out there trying to make the best of it and do what’s right. Influencers have had to adapt how they engage with their audiences, and Joy Nyargem, the content creator behind Afrostylicity, did precisely that.

Nyargem created Afrostylicity to showcase her love of lifestyle, travel, and fashion content with a twist. She focused the attention on authentic reviews by creating brand awareness in a trusted way, converting followers into lifelong fans and customers. “Afrostylicity is all about connection,” says Nyargem. “By showcasing fantastic brands in a real way, I can connect them to audiences they may not have had access to.” Nyargem’s passion for connection and engagement inspired her to look at influencer marketing in a new way as the world quickly changed. Here are three takeaways influencers can learn from Afrostylicity:

Add Value

“COVID-19 has been a huge learning opportunity for all of us, and it’s made us take a good, hard look at what we are putting out there into the world,” explains Joy. “I wanted to make sure that no matter what, I am providing even more value to my followers that might help them get through a difficult time.” Nyargem maintains that we are all connected, and our voices and actions matter. As people began spending more time in the safety of their own homes, Nyargem shifted her focus to sharing ideas that promoted safe social distancing practices while enjoying the small things in life.

Spread Positivity

The mission of Afrostylicity has always been about meeting people where they are and lifting them in positive ways. “Now more than ever, we have to embrace the power of positivity,” says Nyargem. “Influencers have so much power in this regard. As we share our voices, we share our own personal power and help our followers do the same.” Understanding that positivity is contagious during a time like this is what sets Afrostylicity apart. Throughout the pandemic, Nyargem has focused on detailed, helpful content that applies to her audience in the now.

Be Approachable

Based in Dallas, TX, Nyargem continues to view this trying time as a chance to evolve and change for the better, and brands are taking notice. Her approach is both motivating and down to earth while maintaining the familiarity one would expect from a good friend. Nyargem isn’t afraid to rise to the challenge during difficult times because she knows people look towards her as an example. As she fearlessly adapts Afrostylicity in the face of adversity, Joy Nyargem continues to change the definition of influencer marketing.