Since Urvashi Rautela has been well-known for more than ten years, people have become used to viewing her statements with a grain of salt. However, Urvashi, who has more than 70 million Instagram followers, revealed recently that in 2012, she was asked to give up her Miss India Universe title by Sushmita Sen, the former Miss Universe. Urvashi had to give up the chance to compete for Miss Universe even though she had won the competition that qualified her to do so. She went on to represent India in Miss Universe after winning the same event in 2015.

Urvashi competed in the “I Am She-Miss Universe India” pageant in 2012. Sushmita Sen’s solid assumed responsible for choosing India’s delegates for the Miss Universe contest after Femina Miss India gave up its exclusive right to do so. After it was established that Urvashi was not yet eighteen, she was disqualified from the pageant, even though she had won. “There is an age limit for Miss Universe, which I discovered in 2012 when I won Miss Universe India for the first time. Donald Trump was our employer. Even though I was 17 when I won, I was unaware that the age restriction was 18. I was only 24 days over the legal age limit,” she revealed to Mirchi Plus. Donald Trump co-owned the Miss Universe organization at the time.

According to Urvashi, Sushmita told her to give up her crown. “I was informed by Sushmita Sen that Urvashi could not leave. I felt like the biggest loser of my life at that point,” the woman said, adding that she had doubts about the age restriction at the time. Urvashi claimed that despite having entered the entertainment sector shortly afterward, she returned to the competition in 2015.

The task of choosing Miss Universe’s Indian representative was carried out in 2015 by Miss Diva (by Femina Miss India). According to Urvashi, when she entered the audition room, other women in attendance mistakenly believed she was a judge. “Every single girl there didn’t want me to take part. People asked, “Who gives 10th standard exams after passing 12th standard exams?,” she recalled. “And I could actually feel that because there was this entire group and I was all alone.” Still, I persisted and managed to win. The only woman to win Miss Universe India twice is me.

Urvashi is scheduled to appear in the movie JNU shortly.

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