When it debuted in 2010, the Polo was Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle in India. Polo’s responsive handling, lively performance, and robust structure made it the chosen vehicle. It was taken out in 2022 for a number of reasons, including poor sales volume and competitors’ more feature-rich devices.

SUV and EV versions of the Volkswagen could return:

The Polo brand is still a favorite among fans even after it was discontinued. Frequently, users inquire about Volkswagen’s plans to bring back the Polo in India. During the VW Annual Brand Conference in 2024, Ashish Gupta, the Volkswagen Brand Director, discussed the potential opportunities.

Relaunching Polo is not planned at this time, however it may happen in the future. Relaunching the Polo in SUV or EV shape is one of the possibilities that might be taken into consideration. Volkswagen has switched to an India 2.0 strategy, therefore it might not be able to relaunch the Polo in its original configuration. The brand is in line with its worldwide strategies, which prioritize the luxury market.

The Taigun small SUV and Virtus sedan are two examples of the popular products that demonstrate how successful the India 2.0 project has been. Relaunching Polo in its original configuration will be equivalent to going backwards. Furthermore, it’s uncertain if the relaunch strategy will be successful in hitting the targeted sales goals. View the interview, which is credited to Sunderdeep Singh, below.

Journey of Polo across Global Market:

Polo has advanced to its sixth generation in worldwide markets, but it never went above the fifth generation in India. Volkswagen’s current focus is on the Taigun and Virtus, which are based on the substantially localized MQB-A0-IN platform. Volkswagen’s sixth generation Polo is built on a comparable chassis intended for emerging regions like Brazil. The sixth-generation Polo is available as Virtus in a few overseas areas. Virtus isn’t as widely available in markets as the Polo Sedan. Volkswagen has debuted Polo Robust, an off-road variant of the Polo, in Brazil.

Volkswagen SUV under four meters?

In India, further new models built on the MQB-A0-IN platform will be introduced. For instance, Skoda is developing a brand-new, sub-4-meter small SUV that will be built on the MQB-A0-IN platform. VW may not enter the sub-4-meter SUV market, despite Skoda and Volkswagen sharing rebadged versions. Once more, there is a connection between this and the brand’s global goal of focusing on the premium market.

The near future plans of Volkswagen:

Skoda and Volkswagen are developing their India 2.5 plan. Kushaq / Taigun and Slavia / Virtus will receive facelift versions as part of the roadmap. In 2025, launch is planned. The features list has to be updated, even if all four models have the highest NCAP safety ratings in their respective classes. Expected additions include a 360-degree camera and ADAS.

Nowadays, the majority of top-performing midsize sedans and compact SUVs have ADAS features. Rear disc brakes are an additional way to increase safety. Volkswagen will also be concentrating on EVs. The ID.4 all-electric car was on display by the business at the 2024 VW Annual Brand Conference. Later this year, in India, it is anticipated to be released.

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