Lecha Khouri is one of the most popular car show hosts and car enthusiasts in the world. He is famous in the car community because of his extraordinary car collection that consists of some of the most special and unique cars, supercars and hypercars.

Lovingly known as Lee by his fans, Lecha Khouri has a total of 54 high end special cars in his collection. The newest addition to this huge stable is the very special McLaren P1 with the chassis number 033. What makes the car very rare is the fact that only a total of 375 models of the same have been built in the world. Additionally, Lee’s new McLaren P1 has undergone some MSO (McLaren Special Operations) editions. This excellent hypercar joins Lecha Khouri’s other classic, modern and rare supercars and hypercars in his car collection like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren Senna XP, Porsche 918, Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari F40 and many others.

Lecha Khouri is the host of Supercar Advocates, a famous car show that brings to the viewers the experience of driving famous, rare and beautiful supercars and hypercars. Lee and his team travel around the world and aim to give the show’s audience and car lovers an unforgettable thrill and excitement. Lecha Khouri’s new addition McLaren P1 has been revealed on the latest episode of Supercar Advocates and his fans have absolutely loved it.

With his exceedingly great work as a car show host, car collector and enthusiast, Lecha Khouri has brought a revolution in the car collection scene of Australia. He has emerged as someone who has stayed true to his childhood passion of collecting cars and taken it to a next level. Apart from all of that, Lecha Khouri is also the CEO of a privately owned company called the Fenlan Group. It deals in the fields of investments, property development and real estate.

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