What style of pop music is called?

 Pop music style (POP) is derived from the popular music style (Popular), which is one of the most important and main styles of popular music and is opposed to artistic and traditional music styles.  Pop style is considered as one of the most well-known styles of music around the world and of course it is one of the most popular styles of music that many styles of music originate from pop music.  Some even believe that pop music has formed the basis of most popular music styles such as rock, hip-hop, rap, R&B, rock and roll and many other styles of music.  It should be noted that the style of Iranian pop music is also part of this style.  Pop music styles

 Pop music is one of the most famous and popular styles of music around the world, and for this reason, despite the short life and short time that has passed since the birth of this style until today, we have witnessed rapid and significant progress in this style.  It has created beautiful works and styles in music.  These styles include pop rock, dance pop, etc., which are directly influenced by pop style.  There are also other genres such as rock, hip-hop, rap, dance, rhythm and blues (R&B), rock and roll, dance, house, remix, electronic music and many other genres of music that have been indirectly influenced by this style.  And many even believe that pop music, like popular music, is the foundation of these styles of music, and that all of these genres originate from pop music.  Other genres of pop music

 As mentioned before, this type of music includes other combined genres such as pop rock and dance pop and other items that are taken from the combination of this style with other styles such as rock, blues, dance, etc., while this is usually a combination of styles.  Derived from pop music, there are genres that are generally different from pop music

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