Going on stage


With an appropriate attitude, getting prepared for a competition is a good way for your improvements. It is similar to speaking in public, by exposing yourself to people’s judgment and glance, your self-confidence is improved and you get the extraordinary spirit.

Then you confidently embrace any criticism and with your strong spirit, you accept your flaws and get satisfied with your progress.

Eventually, when everything is over, you can always say that: what I have shown today is just a bit of my abilities, next time I will be more successful, I can do it.

Preparing for a competition can play the role of doping to your self-esteem. To be fair, once you register for a competition, it means you have the courage for that, otherwise, you don’t even dare to compete.

It’s enough to show off your bravery on the stage, even though you are not self-esteemed enough.


Competition means that you appear in front of others’ judgment and view. In other words, you should be eye-catching to the audience and referees. 

The problem starts from the point where you get obsessed with people’s opinions and seek others’ confirmation toward you. I have seen many bodybuilders that concentrate their exercise on for example their leg muscles just because one dude told them that their leg muscles are not adequate. These people need others’ confirmation to be satisfied. 

When you attempt to take part in a competition in which you are evaluated base on your appearance, this naturally leads you to care about others’ opinions. It is fine to care a little about others’ views in life, otherwise, you are the same as an anti-social person. It is our nature to seek others’ attention and to look attractive, and we want the efforts we made in a gym to be appreciated.

If you can’t see this story from above, to see yourself as a human being, not a person with a beautiful body, and you always need to be confirmed by people, I can’t imagine a good ending for you.

If instead of your skills, motivations, creativity, and kindness, you constantly pay attention to your body alone, the value you consider for yourself will have vanished.

Forming your identity according to others’ agreement will lead you to selfishness and the feeling of insecurity.

If in the mornings you don’t have a good feeling and just wait for your working time to over and then go to the gym merely to satisfy people, I’m afraid I must say that: you have a serious issue.

Even after being confirmed by one person, you will be more eager to attract more people.


You learn, you grow. You go to the gym and have a program for eating because you know what you do and eat will eventually appear on the competition day.

You are restricted to a specific program. Once you are tempted to do something wrong, you will imagine your desired body shining on the stage.

This food and training conscience lets you act like a machine and prevent your feelings to tell you what to eat and whether you work out or not.

You will get used to hard training. You will learn lessons that you didn’t imagine even exist if you haven’t gone through them.

You make eating habits that you may follow for the rest of your life.   

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