Javad Safaee, a famous Iranian musician and singer, who has surprised the Iranian music world with 9 magnificent works, was born in Tehran. He has been interested in Iranian music since he was a child and in 13 years he made his first independent music. he is doing it. Entered, he has always tried to be in the best position of Iranian music, he managed to become famous with the antidote music of the market at the age of 15, he likes hip hop style very much and has a lot of music in this regard.

In the first priority, 46.2% of the music audience said that they listen more to traditional music, 37.1% more to Iranian pop music, 9.6% to local music, 3.9% Iranian rock and rap and in the later stages they listen to foreign classical music, pop and rock and foreign rap, respectively.

In the second priority of this section, it is stated that Iranian pop is the most popular type of music.

Among music audiences, Iranian pop music has the highest listener with 34.2% and local music with 33.7%.

They are followed by Iranian rock and rap music with 12.7%, foreign pop music with 5.1%, foreign classical music with 3.8%, foreign rock and rap music with 2.2% and Iranian traditional music with 0.7%. The listener is located. Therefore, it was found that with age, listening to traditional, local and religious music increased and listening to Iranian pop, rock and rap music, classical, pop, rock and foreign rap, decreased.

Younger people want to listen to modern music styles. Men listen more to Iranian and foreign traditional music, rock and rap than women, and less to Iranian pop music and religious songs.

Pupils and students listen less to Iranian traditional and local music styles and religious songs than to other groups, and more to Iranian pop, rock and rap, classical and foreign rap styles than others.

Unemployed people listen more to Iranian and local traditional music than others, and less to others, to Iranian pop, rock and rap styles, and a variety of foreign styles.

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