Sony is reconsidering its approach to its widely available wireless speakers and headphones. The company is launching ULT Power Sound, a new brand, along with a number of new goods today. Compared to previous years, when Sony would usually just refer to devices by their model number, having an actual “name” is an advantage. All three of these new products-three speakers and one pair of headphones-focus on vibrant, bass-forward sound, as suggested by the branding.

Additionally, each of them features a ULT button that allows you to switch between various sound settings based on your preference for bass intensity. You can obtain “deeper, lower frequency bass” with ULT1 and “powerful, punchy bass” with ULT2. Indeed, it seems that there is a distinction between the two in terms of total EQ. ULT is essentially the upgraded version of Sony’s previous Extra Bass option.

Regarding the devices themselves, the ULT Tower 10, a massive 64-pound party speaker, comes in first at $1,199. It has all the standard features of a party speaker, including omnidirectional sound, lights that follow the beat of your music, an integrated microphone for karaoke, and the ULT1 and ULT2 sound modes, for when you really want to rattle the walls. This device has 34 distinct LED light zones, and Sony characterizes the sound as “overwhelmingly powerful.”

Sony is introducing the ULT Field 7, a premium Bluetooth speaker that will take the place of the SRS-XG500, a step down from there. Although this item is large-it costs $499 and is more than 20 inches wide-it is easier to carry about thanks to inbuilt handles. The battery life should last up to 30 hours, but if the illumination and ULT modes are activated, it will only last 25 hours.

The last speaker is actually one that you could call portable. The $129 ULT Field 1 is available in black, gray, green, and orange in addition to other colors. Despite its small size, it yet produces powerful bass. This one can be used for up to 12 hours straight and includes just one ULT sound mode. Its built-in strap makes it simple to attach to your backpack, and it doubles as a speakerphone—a function that I always value in Bluetooth speakers.

The ULT Wear, a new pair of headphones that take the role of Sony’s WH-XB910, is another option. A number of features from the more expensive 1000XM5, such as on-ear detection, improved noise reduction, head-tracking spatial music, and quicker quick charging, are yours for $199.99. Although Sony claims that the M5 headphones have the highest ANC and sound quality available, the powerful bass response of the drivers was specifically engineered for these models. The ULT1 and ULT2 modes were a bit too much for my taste, but these headphones are perfect for those who can’t get enough bass. I had a brief chance to test out the ULT Wear a few weeks ago.

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