In the course of recent weeks, you might have seen an uptick in io9 posts including short claymation scenes reproducing notorious minutes from renowned science fiction films. We shared Star Trek II and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and presently we’ve arrived at the great finale. Not one, not two, but rather three unequaled science fiction works of art: 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Matrix, and Alien.

These little cuts of mud reproduced paradise come from craftsman Joseph Brett, who did them to recognize the fifth commemoration of online science fiction stage Dust. Each takes a vital scene from a much more noteworthy film and reproduces it in a medium it presumably never ought to have been made in. But then, by one way or another, they’re great. First up, we have a clasp that we think would make even Stanley Kubrick laugh.

With that one, you need to see the value in that essentially the stone monument didn’t move. The primates do sure look truly incredible however. Following up, prepare to say “Whoa” as the One figures out how to avoid disasters.

For our cash, this may be Brett’s best one yet. The camera development is crazy, the foundation (did you notice the helicopter?) is layered, and however Neo surely appears as though he shed a couple of pounds, the way that the construction of his body remained together as it moved around is truly lovely and noteworthy. What’s more, remember that coat!

Those two clasps are as a rule only uncovered here on io9. The one underneath came out last week—however it was so gross and strange, and since this is the finish of the series, we figured why the hell not? You will without a doubt recollect this second from Ridley Scott’s Alien.

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