While some people are afraid of the competition in their chosen areas, others go all out to not just enter but actively disrupt it with their natural abilities and talents.

In the field of music, D8, a young musical prodigy, is doing the same thing.

D8, who is leading from the front and gaining enormous popularity recently, comes to mind when we think about the current crop of music artists who are doing extraordinarily well by delivering back-to-back successes and having their songs top the charts.

This gifted young artist is one of the best who has dazzled audiences with his unrivalled hip hop and rap abilities.

Musicians of many genres have commanded the space since the beginning of time and continue to do so with their rhythms and sounds. The enormous musical world has the ability to enthrall every human soul with its strength.

In December 2019, he made his musical debut with the song “Snake Me,” which featured YXNG Loose and went on to become a popular crowd favorite, with over 200K views on YouTube.

D8’s melodic trap approach is one-of-a-kind.

Since the beginning, he has focused on understanding how things function in this domain, which has led him to master the ropes and grasp the subject to its roots, transforming him into the hip hop and rap sensation that he is today.

Even during these terrible times, when most businesses are closed, D8 has received offers to perform. Audiences have been impressed by his support acts for well-known bands such as BANDOKAY, MASTERMIND, MITCH, DOUBLE LZ, and AJ JNR.

He released the singles “Sliding” and “Bandz” in 2020.

His music has gained a lot of attention on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube, among other sites. All of his songs have official videos on YouTube, thanks to Mixtape Madness, Link Up TV, and GRM daily.

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