Mixing is a combination of everything you have recorded in a project or written as a Midi file. Also tasks such as effects, EQ, line settings and… are important mixing tasks. Mixing is sorting the pieces of the puzzle, and as you put the pieces together, make sure everything is connected properly, and finally pull your hand over what you have made. After the mix, the song should be in a good mood and make you happy.

Mastering is actually giving clarity and shine to the sounds. Simply put, listening to music after mastering should not cause a sense of explosion in the speakers, in other words, the sound level should be balanced with each other and the whole song should have a catchy feel. Keep in mind, mastering is a very vague discussion. Being closed and apart from correcting the difference in sound levels, mastering in an incredible way is a science-dependent process in this field! There are now programs that help you master yourself, but if you have a plan to play your own song, spending money to make it more professional is a good investment. You do not need to be a professional from the beginning, but you should try. Make your music stand out as much as possible with the mix. So doing the right mix is ​​something you have to strive for. Unlike mastering, you can also mix at home. But it takes practice and time.

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