Lava is preparing for its smartwatch’s Indian launch. According to the business, the next Lava Prowatch will debut in India in April. Before the smartwatch’s national release, Lava has begun to tease a few of its features. The next smartwatch will probably have support for interchangeable watch bands in addition to fitness tracking features. The business claims that the smartwatch will have a quick user interface and a robust scratch-resistant display. All the information you require regarding the impending smartwatch is provided here.

Launch of Lava Prowatch in India:

On April 23, at 11 a.m. the Lava Prowatch will make its debut in India. But the business hasn’t yet revealed the last few details.

Specifications of the Lava Prowatch:

According to the company’s teaser, the smartwatch will have a durable display that can resist scratches and external forces. Additionally, the teaser suggests that the smartwatch includes a metal body, a button, and a crown.

According to the business, the teaser also suggests that the wristwatch would have fitness tracking capabilities, such as heart rate and activity monitoring, and that it will track more accurately than existing devices. Interchangeable bands will also be supported by the smartwatch. It’s unclear, though, if Google Wear OS will be used by the smartwatch.

The company’s second fitness tracker will be its upcoming smartwatch. Before this, the business introduced Lava BeFIT in January 2021, which had water resistance, fitness, sleep tracking, notification mirroring, and SpO2 monitoring capabilities. In the upcoming days, the corporation is expected to release additional information regarding the wristwatch.

In the meantime, Lava just introduced the Lava O2, a new phone to the nation. This gadget replaces the Lava O1 from the previous year. With its Unisoc CPU, big 5,000mAh battery with quick charging, two rear cameras, and other remarkable features, the Lava O2 is a powerful device. For all the information you require on this new smartphone, continue reading if you’re interested in finding out more.

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