Users of group chats may now create and schedule events with the new ‘Events’ feature introduced by the Llama-3-powered WhatsApp version. The Events feature will now enable users to plan events and get-togethers inside the group chat. The Events feature became accessible for users with the WhatsApp beta for Android upgrade, according to a report by WABetaInfo.

How Does The WhatsApp Events Feature Work?

Users will be able to organise, arrange, and create events in group chats with the new feature on WhatsApp. Merely get-togethers and other activities inside WhatsApp groups now have the feature. Details about the event, such as its name, description, location, date, and audio and video calls, can be entered by users. Invitations to events can be accepted or rejected by group members. The specifics of the event can be updated by the event creators as needed.

According to WABetaInfo sources, events within WhatsApp group chats would be kept secret, with only group members having access to the event details. In upcoming upgrades, WhatsApp reportedly plans to offer more features, such as the ability to set cover photographs and add event reminders.

You can now use the Llama-3-powered Meta Al assistance on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The most recent version of the Meta Al chatbot is available to users.

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