Car crash detection is a vital life-saving feature that Samsung’s Galaxy line has been lacking, in contrast to its competitors. Nonetheless, there have been a few recent—as well as older—signs suggesting that a change may occur soon.

Car crash detection is essential in situations like these when it may be difficult to call for help in the sad case of an automobile accident. By use of data processing from many sensors, including accelerometers and microphones, cellphones can identify accidents and instantly notify specified contacts or emergency services.

Since the release of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Google Pixel phones, as well as iPhones and the Apple Watch, have included car crash detection. Nevertheless, it appears that Samsung’s most recent products—the Z Fold 5 and Galaxy S24 series—do not yet have this feature. However, this could soon change.

Android smartphones, like Samsung models, have sensors that can identify sound, motion, and even position. Even while there is data that suggests these phones might contain the requisite hardware, it can be difficult to correctly integrate this feature if you want to prevent false alarms and needless battery usage.

Android Police’s Mishaal Rahman uncovered that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and S24 Ultra presently have a sensor dubbed “Car Crash Detect Wakeup” during his tinkering inside the Tasker app. This finding spurred more research, which resulted in the identification of a system application called “MoccaMobile” that had not been previously published. This software appears to be in charge of starting and stopping the functionality of this specific sensor.

There was no accompanying user interface (UI) discovered, despite the sensor and app suggesting the existence of an automobile crash detection feature. To further complicate matters, previous One UI builds contain the “MoccaMobile” app on phones without the “Car Crash Detect Wakeup” sensor.

Additionally, Samsung has not announced or made any marketing promises that the Galaxy S24 or Z Fold Series will include this capability. Is this something that is being tested now and planned for release in the future? Time will tell. It is evident that Car Crash Detection is a function that might save lives and would be helpful for all Samsung Galaxy users.

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