Dr Jonathan Kung trains hard as a boxer and athlete to set an example, emphasizing the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

It is very easy to talk big and preach things to others; it is equally difficult to incorporate all those teachings in one’s life. However, we are also fortunate to come across some success stories in this world who have questioned the norms and have sculpted a uniquely successful career for themselves. Topping the list of such professionals is Dr Jonathan Kung, who is already an ace Gastroenterologist and a board-certified doctor, who still finds out ways he can improve upon his treatments that can provide a much better health and well-rounded lifestyle to his patients. For this, he has ventured into many other niches and found a passion for fashion, fitness and active lifestyle, to help transform his and his patient’s lives for the better.

Dr Jonathan Kung is of the opinion that a healthy and active lifestyle is important, which can also lead to good mental health, working better than any medication or diet. He has stood unique from others in the medical industry of the US for being perhaps the only physician to focus equally on training hard as a boxer and travelling the world as a motivational speaker. He says that if he can take out time as a busy physician to pursue his dreams and have a life outside medicine, why can’t others?

He explains what people can do to pursue their dreams and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

• Embrace change: Life is never going to be the same each day, says Dr Jonathan Kung. He believes that one must always stay ready to adapt to the change around him/her. As times keep changing, so do people. Hence, individuals must adapt to the world’s changing times to lead a much more fulfilling life.
• Keep learning: There’s nothing more exciting than to learn a new thing each day. Dr Jonathan Kung says that learning new things will keep individuals updated and motivate them to do many more things, leading them to more growth as professionals and individuals.
• Be firm in choices: Dr Jonathan Kung explains that individuals need to be firm in the choices they make in life. They must only move forward and never look back or think of giving up halfway. For any kind of growth in life, people must work upon consistently on the choices they have made and attain the success and happiness they desire.
• Choose an active lifestyle: The ace Gastroenterologist opines that people must always choose an active lifestyle, which can act as the best medicine, helping them to attain the level of improved health and happiness they desire in life.

Dr Jonathan Kung has created a versatile lifestyle for himself and has taken out time to have a life outside medicine, advising many others as a motivational speaker to do the same.

To connect with him, follow him on Instagram @jonny_kay.

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