There’s more to him than what meets the eye; he is also into real estate and is involved in charitable organizations.

It is quite surreal to learn about all those young talents in the business world today who exude a different level of energy, vibe and zealousness to create their unique niche with whatever they take in their hands. They keep moving forward in their quest to become a huge name in the business world with a belief on their dreams and trust on their consistent efforts to create something that can offer the ‘unique’ to people. Jamal Taleb has been doing the same and has also been excelling beyond limits as a multi-talented entrepreneur. He has a strong background in the engineering field and holds the love for technology close to his heart. At such a young age, Jamal Taleb is already the CEO and founder of a unique social app that he has created named BondApp.

After earning his Bachelors & Masters Degrees in Engineering from Northeastern University, Jamal Taleb jumped deep into the ocean of entrepreneurship and since then has never looked back. He has always exuded strong passion and hunger to create new and upbeat things that could provide better experiences to people. This is how he worked upon his idea to develop the social app ‘BondApp’, which connects people using a reversed engineering technique. He thought it was high time to create a new app that could help people who travel frequently to connect with others on the spot after identifying their physical appearance and then taking it forward offline.

In simple words, Jamal Taleb says that the app is an ice-breaker and is also projected to grow rapidly after the high traction received in the Northeast region. BondApp also solves the issues of fake profiles by using the phone’s location services, providing users with the ability to view nearby users on the map, within a 200-foot range limit. Apart from developing a novel concept like this as a social app, Jamal Taleb also ventured into the real estate space and has remained an active investor as well. He started his brokerage firm called ‘Taleb Realty Inc’, where the company services the New England region and has been in the industry for over a decade.

Jamal Taleb, as a versatile professional, has been involved in charitable organizations such as Freemasonry. He also holds the Masonic record for being the youngest Freemason who served as the Master of The Massachusetts Lodge in 2018. To find out more, visit these websites, and

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