Until recently, only one side of Taylor Swift’s wardrobe could be seen, and it was eerily similar to Marilyn Monroe’s famous blowing-dress moment.

Fanatic Swifites will probably recall this well … back in 2011 – – closely following Taylor delivering her OG ‘Speak Now’ collection – – she went on visit quite early on of 21 … at the point when she had basically arrived at pop star status and her distinction was totally soaring.

En route, she visited in St. Louis for one of her shows … furthermore, during her exhibition, a whirlwind shot up in front of an audience and began taking her blue dress with it.

Taylor had the option to make heads or tails of things before it turned out to be excessively humiliating … what’s more, she played it off like a star, returning right once again to singing/carrying on as though nothing had occurred. This second – – which became a web sensation at that point – – was caught on record … yet, from the back.

Yes, her underwear flashed a little, but her quick hands kept her frontside from being exposed. This was actually taken by a (long-time) front row fan at the time, who took what can only be described as an iconic picture, especially when you see how it compares to Marilyn.

The picture has been obtained by TMZ, and it truly is something to behold—albeit in a positive way. Although the image is a little hazy, remember that technology was what it was at the time.

At any rate, as may be obvious … she’s bowed forward, with her left hand covering the dress and the mic in the other hand. Without a doubt, her posture here is very much like the one MM struck in ‘The Long term Tingle’ – – when she remained over a tram grind and a whirlwind shot up into her outfit.

The two frames are remarkably similar, and given Taylor’s subsequent size, you might even argue that it was fate, given how naturally it happened.

The most awesome aspect of returning to this time is that Taylor is nearly re-delivering ‘Speak Now’ (Taylor’s Variant) about 13 years after the fact … thus, it denotes a commemoration of sorts!

It’s interesting that she’s back on tour, and this time she’s a bigger draw than ever. Also, indeed, while she’s asked her supporters to lay off John Mayer for this go-around – – that hasn’t helped a lot, sadly. In any case, the life cycle continues as one superstar act gives birth to another.

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