Taz Garcia is an award winning actor – director. As part of the elite new blood generation of action stars, Taz is ready to take his seat at the table with the greats.

Project Xtraction starring Jackie Chan and John Cena is Taz’s most recent major role, where he plays the muscle beside Game of Thrones actor, Pilou Asbek (Paddock).

Taz is currently in pre-production for a few films he will act in. He is also holding self tape auditions for the scripts he wrote during the first round of quarantine.

What’s a typical day like in quarantine for you?

I like to wake up focusing on my goals for the day. No matter how small or big. Almost like focusing my eyes when I first open them.

Then I like to read at least one chapter of any book next to me while sipping on some hot water with fresh ginger and honey.

I get a quick home workout it. Sometimes split between cardio, breakfast then weights, or a big mesh with a focus on stretches and martial arts to end it. A quick cold shower then I’m off to tackle my goals one at a time.

I’ve created a designated area to work from. So my mindset doesn’t get distracted. Also handy for self tape auditions, which is the new norm for acting auditions.

Are you currently in Toronto or Los Angeles?


Are you teaching online?

Yes I am. I was doing so before the quarantine thing started. So it wasn’t a major adjustment.

Why are you called the “people’s champ”?

I got into martial arts and imitated some Bruce Lee mannerisms while sparring. He had taken that footwork from Mohammed Ali. Who earned that title with his fans. I guess it transitioned this way. Then helping people and charities all my life – I guess makes sense.

What is a people’s champ?

I take that title as a hero synonym. If there’s a fire and everyone is running out, you’re the one running into that building uncertain if you will return to save that one cat left behind, you know. When I was told I couldn’t make movies for zero budget, I made it a point to do so and inspire the talented ones that were told they couldn’t. It was a game changer for many students at the time. I suppose it could also be someone who inspires.

Where can we find your work?

www.tazitogarcia.com or IG: tazgarciaofficial

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