Bright and talented Masha Kunynets, from childhood, showed herself as a creative girl with great ambitions and bold dreams. Young Masha Kunynets was always captivated by music, stage, creativity, deep down she always dreamed of performing in public, posing for fashion magazines, touring, giving interviews and sharing with people that bright part of the tandem of beauty and talent that she developed in herself since childhood. Miss Masha is a great example of how you can make your childhood dreams come true.

Please introduce yourself?
My name is Masha, I’m half Russian/Ukrainian, living in London

I’m an Instagram influencer with over 150K followers and recently I got passion for Djing

How did you start djing?

I went to St Martin in 2020 for a SXM festival and unfortunately during COVID conditions we remained blocked on the island for 3 months, luckily I was sharing the house with friends I met on the island and there was a dj among them. I was already a big fan of house music but the djing started fascinating me more and more so I asked my friend to teach me, more I was practicing more I started to be in love with the process, and soon my friends who are already professional djs started to take me with them to play back to back, surprisingly I was never afraid of performing and indeed insisted on that myself at first place!

Do you remember your first performance? How was it?

I remember that first time like now, it was event of my friend and he had already booked the djs, luckily my friend played in between, and I realised I’d like to participate.

What was your kick off track?

It was a “Midnight(hanging tree) by Hosh

When I saw people gathering and dancing next to me that was unbelievably satisfying feeling and I knew I was doing everything right! I remember meeting a lot of people after my little debut, and those people helped me and still in my life nowadays!

Since that day I got many offers, one of the first one was the sweetest thing ever! I came to my bfs restaurant and there’s was a note on a table “there’s a private event today and we would like to hire Masha to dj for us”. I almost cried and I still have the picture of that note” laughing Masha.

What are your next moves?

When i got back to London I got invited to play at Hovarda, which was my forever favourite place, I was extremely flattered. Then my girlfriend who has her own party in Tallin, Estonia invited me to play with her. First I was a little bit worried that audience in Tallin was more underground and more progressive as long as my style is more organic/melodic house and sometimes Afro when there’s a mood for it!  Luckily for me, they appeared to be the sweetest and welcomed me with the smile and kindness. It was amazing to share my music and bring happiness to people!

Now, I’d like to finally create my own track and start to explore my options even more internationally and hopefully sign in with the good artist manager.

What’s your goal for this year as a dj?

To be honest, everything happened so quickly and randomly it’s hard to say but one goal or probably even a dream is to play at SXM festival 2023.

This year I attended it and was extremely proud to see my dear friends performing there and caught myself on a thought how happy I’d if I could perform there too!

“Not everyone understands such a musical direction as Deep House, but those who like this style often relax in places where this music is common, and expect it to be at the top level,” Masha shares her observations.

Masha herself is not limited to focusing only in one style of music, she sees it more broadly – as a kind of lifestyle, a certain trend of a successful young generation that prefers to relax “with taste”: high-quality music, beautiful and interesting people, worthy places.

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