Known for his energetic lifestyle, Gaurav Manoj Singh has once come forward to talk about something certainly valuable. Ironically, the plurality are pursuing a contemporary lifestyle while exploring ways to live a constructive one. They forget about the most important asset called, ‘passion.’ And Gaurav believes that achieving passion can help forge a dream life.

In the hunt for a steady life, the majority often sacrifice our dreams. But Gaurav Manoj Singh has shown his firm belief in heeding passion. He is not only a lifestyle influencer but also a travel enthusiast and a foodie. Through his Instagram, you will learn how exuberantly he travels to different countries and tries new cuisines. This young man accomplishes everything that his heart says. Explaining why Gaurav Manoj Singh says, “It pacifies my soul. Every time I go to some country and learn more about it, I feel awakened. Travel makes me realise how big the world is and that we need to go beyond our own selves.”

Enlightening on the prerogative of passion, Gaurav says, “Having and following a passion is of the essence. You need this to keep your soul alive and so you achieve what you are aiming for. Somewhere I’ve read that having a passion is not about the job we do, but about the love and thrill of doing it. That’s what makes our lives fulfilling. “

Gaurav Manoj Singh is following his passion in every possible aspect. Besides being a social media star and ideal for thousands of people, he is also an entrepreneur. He believes that we always have to make sacrifices. While choosing a secured career option, we give up on our dreams, and choosing otherwise makes us sacrifice a secured income. “However, only pursuing your dreams will bring you peaceful nights,” said Gaurav.

With his words and way of living, this young man has emerged as an inspiration for millions. If you think Gaurav is only outstanding in the digital space, then reconsider your thoughts! Why? It’s because he has also been an active student and served as president of the student council at his university. But now, Gaurav Manoj Singh is the president of the Indian Student Union of Poland and has helped rescue more than a hundred Indians during the Russo-Ukrainian war.

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