Shantell Valcin, A Model, Producer, and Entrepreneur From Miami: Her Business Success Journey

A 21-year-old girl with a vision

Contrary to what it may seem to be, Shantell Valcin was not born in the lap of luxury. She is not one of those pretentious models who are just after fame and attention. Rather, Shantell wants to live a financially free lifestyle where she does not have to depend on anyone for her sustenance.

Shantell gets her inspiration from the artists Rihanna, Cardi B and Lady Gaga. She feels that these artists are individuals who have made it big on their own without depending on anyone for a handout.

As a model, she has been in front of hundreds of cameras and has posed for artists and photographers. As such, she was able to see firsthand how her natural beauty could be translated into cash.  Her passion for entrepreneurship led her to open a business that would kickstart her venture into financial freedom.

Film Production
Shantell began to do research on how she could run her own film production career. She stumbled upon the Film Industry Network and decided to familiarize herself with it. While exploring the platform, Shantell happens to land two successful films that got her big deals with some major studios. These films include:

  1. The Job –  a story of 5 robbers who that the robbery itself was the hardest part of the job, but soon they came to realize that one of them decided to be smart and play a double game. Directed and written by Hank Orion and screenplay by Vadim Pusceddu.

2. Despair – A story of Jack and Lucy who after rescuing a woman from the middle of the Scottland mountains, come to realize that the woman is not who she says she is. Written and directed by Hank Orion.

Her passion for Producing films led her to open a movie production studio aptly named, Valcin Productions. means that she also had to represent the artists involved in the making of these films. She took on the task of representing these artists and ensured that they did not get ripped off by the producers.

Her business journey

Shantell decided to start her own brand FineFem a line of all-female products. The products include make-up, toothpaste, fragrances, body and hair care products and so on.

The beauty of starting her business was that she did not have to start from zero. She had contacts from prior work as a model, which made it easy for her to get the business up and running quickly.

At FineFem, they take their products very seriously. Her team of product designers formulate each product with ingredients extracted from plants and herbs. They pay great attention to details and they take pride in making sure that the customer gets only the best quality products for their money.

Shantell has always been proud of her African American heritage. This was the motivation behind her decision to create a product that would make it easy for women who colour their hair to use it without having to touch the chemicals contained in commercial hair dyes.

Shantell did not waste much time before her business started to grow. She was able to secure contracts with many companies who wanted to sell FineFem products at discounted rates from what she would otherwise charge if they bought directly from her. As such, she had a steady stream of income coming in which allowed her to go full-time with her business.

Her success was also reflected in the number of clients that she had.

Products are available in all of North America, Europe and Asia and can be ordered in her eCommerce website. FineFem is a one-stop destination for all women who are looking for unique female-oriented products that can be purchased online.

Finefem’s one-stop destination for all women who are looking for products that are female-oriented and unique. FineFem is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, creatively designed products at an affordable price. Shantell Valcin is admired by women all over the world for her commitment to empowering women and encouraging them to be confident and look their best.

“FineFem is a line of all-female products that empower women and encourage them to feel confident and look their best.” — Shantell Valcin

Shantell’s hard work and dedication towards her goals have paid off. Today, her brand is followed by her Instagram follower around the world. Her passion for entrepreneurship and her drive to live a financially free lifestyle is an inspiration to all women who have a dream in their heart.

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