Pandemic and Covid-19 have brought greater changes in the entrepreneurial landscape. Even the most respected and young Argentine entrepreneur, Brian Condenanza faced and experienced a sudden shift in multiple ways of doing business this year and beyond. 

This year start-ups and entrepreneurs have seen a wave of change that they might not have been prepared for. But this year challenged all of them for the greater good of the overall society. Even Brian Condenanza, who is always involved in multiple serious businesses and ideas, has a lot to say about the change in the business operations by entrepreneurs around the globe. “This year, entrepreneurs are more concerned about crisis products. There has been a drastic sale and purchase of emergency items when the pandemic surfaced. According to the report on the World Economic Forum initiated by the Pioneers of Change Summit, around 70 percent of the start-ups were forced to let go of their permanent employees. Then, we can clearly see that 40 percent of the new ventures had only cash that could help them for the next 3-4 months only. That’s when my interest in angel investing and venture capital has grown. There is a massive chasm between investors and entrepreneurs with great ideas. Once these leaders with the intellectual and analytical execute those ideas, depressed economies can reach higher numbers, despite the pandemic. At present, Southeast Asian and South American countries have a lot of potential too.” It was a detailed comment on the pandemic and its shift on the entrepreneurial landscape by Brian Condenanza himself.  

Brian Condenanza is an Argentine entrepreneur who loves to create, find, and invest in new ideas. He loves to create an impact in the world. And he follows entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, and Mark Zuckerberg. Those are his kind of leaders and entrepreneurs he wants to follow. He has been giving active TEDx speeches since June 2018 to bring a change in his listener’s life. He is currently diving into angel investing full time to explore new entrepreneurs and invest in their ideas to bring something better and new to this world. He is also lucky to get immense support from his parents and brother, who is like a best friend to him.

Brian Condenanza is the epitome of creativity, entrepreneurship, and change-makers. His expressive TEDx talks, creative ideas, and continuous interest in angel investing prove the same.

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