Often people find themselves in stressful situations, and depressing moments, where music is their only resolute. Music has wonderful healing properties, capable of making people feel relaxed and motivated. It can be simple and complex, there is no right or wrong way to create music, and it is this flexible property that attracts thousands of people every year who believed in the power of music, and attempt to create the best pieces. For some people, it is a form of art, and for others, it is a means to income or profit. Although money is important, music is such an art form that only a person who is in it for the sake of it will be able to make it to the top. one such person is Exit 5B.

Martel Conya Porter is an artist who is currently popularly known as Rich Porter, with a stage name of Exit 5B. When people speak of him, it is not about his struggles, it is usually about his achievements and music. Very few know that he started writing freestyle rap songs when he was only 13, and a budding school student.

When he first started his production journey in 2012, he started by writing his songs by hand. From the bottom, with no investment, it was only his love and dedication to becoming a rap artist that led him to where he is today. 21-year-old Rich Porter claimed his position as one of the top professional rappers by participating in numerous rap battles, most commonly with dope16. His first CD was released in 2016, in collaboration with DJ MLK, called The H.

A second part of the volume was released immediately next year, in 2017, which received even more attention than the previous one. It takes time for people to recognize quality artists, and this was the time that Exit 5B had been waiting for. With a lot of heavy production, he did all that he could to tell his story in these volumes and reflect his motivated inner self to inspire and stir something in other individuals too. After all, what is music if not a positive leap toward life? Exit 5B realized he was not only working for himself, but also for the society that deserves good artists such as him.

Creativity is what allows Exit 5B to indulge in all genres of music. He has never deterred from his goal of approaching music differently, and uniquely every time. this uniqueness has allowed the world to see his consistency in his work, and value it. Are you someone willing to admire the same? Check out here, and remain hooked!






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