Aaron Finch, the former captain of Australia, praised Rohit Sharma, the captain of India, for changing the team’s batting approach in the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 after India defeated Bangladesh by 50 runs.

He praised the Indian skipper for his recent comments, in which he emphasized that the pressure applied to the opposing bowlers is more important in Twenty20 cricket than hitting fifty and even hundreds.

The former Australian captain remarked, “I loved what Rohit said; it’s about having an impact on the game,” in an interview with Star Sports. It’s about changing the rhythm of the game and placing Bangladesh on the defensive from the very first over, not about hitting fifty or a hundred. Youngsters who are urged to obtain hundreds, get fifty, or get two hundreds need to modify their perspective. In the current game, you can see youngsters as young as eighteen, nineteen, and twenty entering the game.  They’ll say something like, “You know what, I can win the game for my team in four overs.”

“That’s what I love about Rohit Sharma,” he continued, “we saw it in the lead-up to the 50-over World Cup and all the way through.”

“He was criticized for not achieving high scores because he refused to change his playing style. But he told Star Sports, as reported by India Today, “I don’t care that’s how I want to play personally and that’s how I want the team to play, He’s demonstrating fearless cricket and once again leading by example.”

What remarks did Rohit Sharma make on “fifties and hundreds”?

He stated, “I have been talking about this for a long time now (playing aggressively),” during the post-match presentation following the team’s victory over Bangladesh yesterday. It involves going there and applying that. In light of everything, we performed incredibly well and adjusted to the circumstances. Although there is some wind involved, we are generally extremely intelligent and performed well with the bat and ball. Every one of the eight batters must fulfill their assigned task. I don’t think we need to achieve hundreds and fifty in a T20 match; what matters is the pressure you put on the bowlers. We saw one person reach fifty, and we scored 197. That’s how every batter in the world plays, and that’s how we want to play too. The team has a wealth of experience, and we support them.”

Following yesterday’s game, Australia is now in second place in Group 1 of the Super Eights with two points, behind India in first place with four. On June 24, India and Australia will face off in the next game.

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