He shares a few tips on effective storytelling for others to attain success in the same.

No matter how much ever we speak about people who sculpt a unique career for themselves across niches, it feels much more discussions are needed around them for others to gain inspiration. Knowing more about their life journeys instills the heart with hope and positivity, which further motivates people to listen to their dreams and make efforts to turn their passion into a profession. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi has been doing the same since a very young age, which has turned him into a writer from the age of 18 and also a film-maker. He says that storytelling is something that allows people to make sense of the world and as a writer; he can’t emphasize enough on its importance to become a successful name in the industry.

He shares a few tips for effective storytelling, which can turn ordinary writers into extraordinary success stories.

• Be precise in the message: Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi explains that generally, a great story slowly moves towards the central message or moral. Hence, writers must very effectively craft a story that is very precise in its message. Whatever the genre may be, he says that writers must be very clear on the plot and the central theme of the story.
• Taking inspiration from personal life: Great storytellers and writers are those who know how to beautifully mine their personal experiences. People must look up to their life for gaining some inspiration to incorporate the same in the story they are trying to tell, crafting them into great narratives.
• Engage the audience: It is essential for writers and storytellers to craft a story that makes the audience crave for more and engage them, making them feel a part of the story. Captivating the audience is in itself an art; only a few talented writers have been able to do that.
• Observe other success stories: Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi suggests writers to take inspiration from other successful storytellers to learn from their life experiences and how they have crafted the narrative in their style.

Right now, this young talent from Unaizah, Saudi Arabia, is working on his upcoming project, where he is writing a story about a girl and how she suffers in an oppressive society. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Mutairi has achieved monumental success by writing great stories and making films that have got him featured in several newspapers as well.

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