An important step forward has been made in the development of Android 15 with the successful launch of the third beta by Google.

With the finalised APIs available for developers to start testing their apps, this release marks the platform’s stability.

There are still interesting aspects to find, even if there haven’t been many noticeable changes since the second beta’s release.

Streamlining biometric authentication

Google announced a significant update to the third beta of Android 15 in a blog post: an enhanced passkey user interface.

There is now only one step involved in utilising a passkey with biometric authentication.

This streamlines user engagement by combining the biometric entry screen with the Google Password Manager question.

In addition, new backup choices are now available in case users unintentionally ignore the passkey prompt.

Auto-detecting sub-optimal biometric models

Mishaal Rahman, a specialist in Android, has discovered what may be a new function in the programme.

It looks like Android 15 can now tell when a biometric model isn’t performing at its best.

In certain situations, users are prompted to re-enroll when the model is automatically deleted.

The purpose of this auto-feature is to help consumers who might not be aware that re-enrolling could improve the functionality of their device.


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