Truecaller introduced its new Truecaller Assistant for mobile devices back in September. When it first came out, just a few nations, including Australia and the United States, offered it. Today marks the official launch of the Truecaller Assistant for Android users in India. The firm has been steadily increasing its availability.

Unknown to many, the Truecaller Assistant is a call-screening tool that uses artificial intelligence. To respond to your calls in a natural language, it combines the cloud and machine learning. In order to help you decide whether to answer the call or designate it as spam, it gives a live transcription of what the caller is saying.

The brand-new Truecaller Assistant introduces the most recent AI technology to the call assistance app industry. It also integrates machine learning technology with cloud telephony. It’s a clever call-screening technology that uses natural language processing (NLP) to answer incoming calls. Additionally, a real-time transcription of the caller’s speech is provided. It’s a special function that gives users knowledge of the reason for the call and the caller’s intention. Additionally, the technology aids consumers in making choices regarding whether or not to answer a call or flag it as spam. You’ll get your call handling done faster. It also provides an additional measure of protection against unwanted calls.

The new function is the “smartest call screening available anywhere,” claims Truecaller. Due to India’s prominence on the list of countries that experience a significant volume of spam calls, the service is ideal for the country. The service/app is innovative and creates a practical tool by fusing the best AI technology.

Indian consumers will be able to simplify their life and stay away from spam thanks to the newest addition. It’s unquestionably a fascinating piece of technology that uses the natural language processing that is currently popular among AI assistants like ChatGPT and Bing Chat.

It provides support for multiple languages in India

The software now supports the languages of English, Hindi, and “Hinglish”. The latter is a word that describes how English and other languages are used in combination in India. The service pays close attention to local specifics and seeks to provide users in India with a seamless and engaging experience. The business adds that additional Indian languages would soon have support added. But it can still take some time.

It is cost-free for a limited trial period

For the first 14 days, the Truecaller Assistant in India will be free to use. Following the expiration of the trial time, users can sign up for the Truecaller Premium Assistant plan, which costs INR 149 ($1.8/€1.6) each month. To take advantage of the company’s unique offer, you can subscribe for INR 99 ($1.2) every month.

The Truecaller Assistant app is presently exclusively accessible to Android users in India, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post. According to the corporation, iOS customers will have to wait a little while longer for the new service. Although it’s unclear how long that signifies, at least it indicates a coming event. That is the only restriction Truecaller Assistant in India currently has.

Conclusion – Truecaller establishes the standard for the future

The function establishes a new benchmark for calls in India. There are other apps with comparable functions, but the uniqueness is in how AI is used to manage calls. In this new industry, the competition will undoubtedly need to step up its efforts.

With India as the most recent addition, it is evident that the corporation is working to increase access. So, it’s reasonable to assume that other nations will soon be able to use the service.

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