What is a brand and marketing strategy, and how is it handled? An explanation, according to Arash Tahami: the entrepreneur who built a multi-million-dollar empire.


Marketing without a brand, as well as branding without marketing, is ineffective, Arash explains. They must work synonymously together.


With a bright future ahead of him, Arash takes his knowledge of branding/ marketing strategies and applies them to his multiple businesses in eCommerce, cryptocurrency, and import/export trade.


A good brand and marketing strategy can really show off the brand’s assets and values. You need to have substance and meaning behind it that translates easily to your audience. This way, you can build relationships between your brand and your customers, which helps the business to become more profitable and successful.

Branding designs the rules and methods for the shape and image you want your business to lean. Such things include colours, language, photos, and the tone you want to introduce your brand (brand identity). Marketing, on the other hand, focuses on what you say. Now the question is, where do the two meet and intersect?


When thinking about marketing and branding, consider them as a continuous timeline. Your brand must always be defined first. This is what gives your company value and credibility. Marketing materials will also be easily generated if their style, colours, fonts, and messages are well predetermined.


Create powerful branding campaigns:

When planning marketing and advertising, the decisions made during the branding process will lead to easier decision-making. It is vital to design logos simultaneously when designing branding that visually represents the best possible image of your company.


Vocabulary and brand message:

When you develop your brand language, your job is more than just choosing beautiful and refreshing words to introduce your company. Take, for instance, Kleenex. Many people all over the world still call paper towels Kleenex. It has become a catchy and memorable household name.



How to introduce a brand correctly?

A good communication strategy will integrate both the brand and the marketing. When thinking about communication strategy, you need to consider your goals, target audience, and the message behind the brand.


What is the target audience of your brand marketing campaign?

Do your research into your specific type of target audience and how to reach them. Keep an eye on your competitors’ traffic and their techniques to lure them in. Sometimes customers look for the same products, just better or different quality. Tap into that market and give the customer what they are looking for.


What is the marketing message of your brand?

Once published, your slogans and brand messages should not change. Allow for minor adjustments to be made based on your audience’s taste, culture, and attitude. Colours and logos are seen in visual advertising media but not in audio media such as radio or hypermarket speakers and showrooms; this is where your brand words and message do their job and sell your product.

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