In Bollywood, Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani are one of the cutest pairs. Recently, Kiara discussed her relationship with Sidharth in an appearance on the well-known chat show Koffee With Karan 8 (KWK). She listed her favorite things about him as well as her pet peeves. “I love how he (Sidharth Malhotra) values people,” the she stated. I put up with his constant stressing me out when I have to get ready for an event because he’s never ready and he takes his frustrations on me. I have to admit that I usually arrive on time. Furthermore, I have no hates. Really, there’s nothing about him to be hateful of.”

She also talked about how the Shershaah line was used by Sidharth Malhotra to propose to her. “We had just returned from Rome when Sid made an appearance in that episode (from the previous season), where he proposed to me,” she stated. My parents weren’t there. It was the first family vacation for his family and me.”

Kiara revealed, “I was a little bit tempted to think he would ask the question. When I told him that he needed to talk to my parents, he remarked, “Are you kidding me?” Yes, you should ask them first and get their approval. Let’s do this the proper way, I added. They’ll be happy. Sadly, my mother’s COVID prevented her from traveling with us. I thus accompanied his parents.”

She went on, “It did come as a surprise because I had no idea where we would be going on this trip, and I was hoping he would ask the question because I’ve built it up, but even if he doesn’t, I hope he does it now that I’ve built it up.” Thus, it was the first place we visited while traveling there. His nephew, who was meant to take pictures and record the moment, accompanied us when he took us to this Michelin-starred restaurant. I’m tired because I just landed and came along for the ride with them. I was really very tired. Additionally, he planned the works. He’s done this dinner under the candles on top. After dinner, we return.”

“He’s taking me for a walk when all of a sudden, a violinist appears from the bushes and starts to play. His nephew then takes our video out of the bushes, and Sid kneels down to ask the question. I felt absolutely overwhelmed. Then he begins to recite Shershaah lines, such as “I’m just a regular boy from Delhi, Dilli ka sidha sadha launda hu.”

On February 7, Sidharth and Kiara got married at Suryagarh Palace in Rajasthan in a small ceremony. While filming Shershaah, they fell in love.

Regarding his career, Sidharth will be featured in his next movie, Yodha. In addition, he’ll be making his online debut in the soon-to-come web series Indian Police Force.

The series, which is directed by Rohit Shetty and features main roles for Vivek Oberoi and Shilpa Shetty, will only be available for streaming on the over-the-top service Amazon Prime Video.

Kiara will star with Ram Charan in the upcoming movie Game Changer and with Hrithik Roshan and Jr NTR in the action thriller War 2.

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