With the unveiling of two new projects under its AI PC Acceleration Program, Intel has made a major move. The purpose of these programs is to encourage software developers, independent hardware vendors (IHVs), and ISVs to progress and integrate cutting-edge AI technologies.

By the end of 2025, Intel expects that these initiatives will optimize and improve AI capabilities across over 100 million Intel Core Ultra-powered PCs.

The primary goal of this program is to provide developers with a smooth experience, which is made possible by a combination of hardware, development tools, and software that is equipped with Intel Core Ultra processors.

As of right now, Intel has established collaborations with more than 150 hardware vendors worldwide and plans to launch over 300 AI-accelerated features in 2024 on over 230 designs from 12 well-known original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Senior Director of Client Hardware Ecosystem at Intel, Matt King, highlighted the inclusion of 150 hardware providers in the AI PC Accelerator Program while expressing his excitement about this growth. “We’re thrilled to extend our cutting-edge hardware and software solutions to engage our huge, open ecosystem of developers,” the speaker stated.

The importance of this expansion was emphasized by Carla Rodriguez, Vice President and General Manager of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling at Intel. She said that the initiative has evolved to include small and medium-sized companies as well as aspiring developers, in addition to large ISVs. “With the launch of the AI PC Developer Program, we’re expanding our reach to engage a wider spectrum of developers,” the speaker said.

The recently updated developer resource sites serve as a single point of contact for developers, providing them with access to training materials, documentation, and toolkits for AI PC and client-centric applications.

These combined resources are carefully designed to enable developers to take advantage of Intel Core Ultra CPU innovations, enhancing the performance of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications and accelerating the creation of creative use cases.

Developers that are enthusiastic about participating in the AI PC Acceleration Program can sign up for free via the Intel AI PC development portal. Developers will have access to a variety of AI and machine learning resources and tools, such as the Intel OpenVINO toolkit, after they are accepted.

Additionally, Intel offers comprehensive training programs and certifications to help people manage the newest advancements in technology. Additionally, the business offers technical support to hardware vendors so they may test and optimize their newest technology.

Intel released its Core Ultra CPUs last year, which included an integrated AI accelerator (NPU). This NPU shows that it can manage long-term AI workloads with ease and at low power consumption, which improves power efficiency and extends notebook battery life.

Meanwhile, the CPU is best at handling sequential data, complex branching, and low-latency inference jobs, while the GPU (Intel Arc) is specialized in handling data-intensive AI computations.

Intel has already partnered with a number of well-known companies, including Blackmagic Design, Adobe, and numerous well-known game developers, to rework and improve their products so they can take full use of the newest Intel Core Ultra processor-powered PCs.

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