For many smartphone users, battery health has always been a primary issue. Android users have been left waiting, while iPhone users have been able to take advantage of a specialized tool for tracking battery life and health. But at last, especially for Samsung users, the wait is over. Samsung plans to include a new feature named “Battery Protection” in its next One UI upgrade in response to consumer demand for longer battery life and improved smartphone performance.

Users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 14 may be able to preview a new function that protects against battery drain, according to a 9to5Google report. The option can be found in the next One UI 6.1’s Settings menu under the new “Battery Protection” section. Notably, the information is based on leaks; official details should be revealed next month when the much awaited Galaxy S24 series debuts.

The reports indicate that One UI 6.0 (Android 14) patches, which will power the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, contain an incorporated battery protection system for Galaxy devices. However, this feature is concealed from ordinary users. In order to utilize the application, users must actively initiate a “activity” through specialized apps such as “Activity Launcher.” It is necessary to engage the particular activity known as “BatteryProtectionActivity.”

There’s a catch, though: Apparently, the feature isn’t working right now. There is no real effect on battery behavior, even though users can change between choices and the settings appear correctly. Tarun Vats, the person who initially brought attention to this problem on Twitter, claims that turning on battery protection only restricts the battery’s capacity to 85%-a feature that has been accessible since Samsung’s Android 13 upgrade.

However, everyone will soon be able to use the feature. According to rumors, Google is working on a solution that would enable Android users to monitor the condition of their batteries, which supports the availability of a specific feature for battery health. According to reports, Google plans to release this update together with the next OS upgrade.

According to an Android Authority report, Google may have already begun developing the foundation for displaying battery status in Android 14 and may have further improved it in the future, especially for Android 15. The purpose of these updates is to give customers access to more detailed data regarding the condition of their phone’s battery.

Additionally, a new “battery information” page in the phone settings was included with the December update for Pixel phones. This page revealed information about the battery, including its manufacturing date and charge count. Other tools included with Android 14 provide information about the phone’s past battery life, charging habits, and present condition.

As a following step, Google is reportedly developing an Android phone setting that includes a battery health function. The update concentrates on making battery health information more visibly visible through an improvement to the Settings Services app, which is in charge of overseeing a number of features on Pixel and some other devices. The business may release an app tracking feature in later versions. Additionally, it won’t come as a surprise if it is released alongside Samsung’s new S24 series.

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