The Chennai based company is one of the most recognizable realtor companies and they would surely be hoping to use the popularity of MS Dhoni to achieve a more pan India growth

South India’s largest realtor group, G Square Housing recently announced that they had signed MS Dhoni as their brand ambassador. As one of the largest and most reputable realtor brands, G Square Housing is one of the most recognizable brands in the Southern Part of India.

The former national cricket captain continues to be a hero to billions in the country even after his retirement. In Tamil Nadu especially, Dhoni enjoys a God like status. This makes him the perfect partner for G Square Housing which is also an extremely popular and trusted name when it comes to the realtor market in Southern Part of India.

While researching G Square Housing we found them to be the most popular realtor brand in South India. The company prides itself upon certain important values and qualities such as trust, integrity, dependability and mastery of the craft. These qualities make Ms Dhoni the perfect fit for the company. G Square Housing also has a wonderful range of properties located in Chennai which is like a second home for their brand ambassador MS Dhoni. To keep its residents, cool like MS Dhoni all the time, G Square Housing also has a range of properties which are very close to the beach such as plots under the “G Square Sunnywale”, “G Square The Baywatch”, “G Square Sands n Waves” and “G Square Beachwalk”.

During the course of his long career, Ms Dhoni was renowned for his dependability. No matter what the situation of the game, you could count on him to sail the match through in your favour. This is very similar to the reputation that has been maintained by G Square Housing. No matter the range of the customer or the demands, G Square Housing feels like a reliable option for everyone.
Another similarity between G Square Housing and Ms Dhoni is their keen sense of detail. MS Dhoni is famous for his understanding of angles and degrees, similarly G Square Housing also considers attention to detail as crucial. They pride themselves on finding the right location for their customers based on their needs.

G Square Housing has a diverse and distinguished set of clienteles that includes major players like JK Tyres, IndiaBulls, CEAT etc. G square housing getting more pan India growth is good news for customers all over the country. This will give them the opportunity to build on their already existing goodwill and reputation and provide affordable and safe services to people all over the country. From a consumer perspective, more and more people will have the opportunity to buy plots that are not just affordable but also luxurious and equipped with great facilities and amenities.

Ms Dhoni and G Square Housing have already shot some advertisements that have been aired on television and social media. A source in G Square Housing informed us that the ads have already received a great response and there has been an increase in search and queries.

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