Let’s just say we lived in a parallel universe where the characters D-Bo & Craig got into a dispute we all know in real life if Ice Cube’s Character Craig was a real person in the hood D-Bo would’ve gotten shot because that bully shit only works forever in movies when it comes to the streets the bully has a time limit and it’s just an matter of time before somebody murders him.

Puablo15 makes you feel like your in a revamped storyline of the hood movies. Puablo15 grew up in Oakland 3 blocks away from where poetic justice Tupac’s Fictional cousin was shot he’s not from the particular area but says the robbery and shooting in movie is not far from the truth of what can happen if your lackin in West Oakland on a late night. Puablo15 also referenced Menice to Society. Saying that in Real life if O- dogg Lorenz Tate’s Character would’ve gotten killed by Kane & Wax ( Mc Eights) Characters for showing the robbery and murder tape.

To preserve Kanes Freedom they loved O-Dogg But things would’ve have to go that way in any city or Ghetto. The Song is Called “ Imaginary Opps” by Puablo15 Go check it out on All platforms can’t wait to see the Music Video.


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