Soft digging excavation is part of the construction, and many project managers have to decide whether they’re going to do hydro-vac excavation or even dry suction excavation. If you’re not sure what either of these is, both of them are essential to construction sites, and they can be instrumental to the process of completing our project.

Let’s discuss the differences between hydro-vac and dry suction excavation for your construction needs.

Hydrovac Excavation

Hydrovac excavation is a well-known method of non-mechanical digging. It’s safe, efficient, and can work through harsh winter climates. This makes it a popular choice for money Canadian construction companies, and we proudly serve a vast market of individuals in Canada!

This is often the best choice for individuals who want to dig around infrastructure safely without destroying it or hurting it, which is usually essential for specific construction projects that require building over a recently demolished property.

Typical Hydrovac Uses

Many people use hydro-vac excavation for various uses, including daylighting, tree root protection, service pick creation, removal of debris, potholing, cleaning out tanks, and even trenching.

Dry Suction Excavation

One of the safest digging methods is dry suction excavation, also known as dry vacs. This doesn’t require any water, and it can use high pressure dare to move dirt and material. This is also collected using vacuum power, making it incredibly powerful compared with other sources that many people use for excavation.

One of the most critical aspects of this is that it’s incredibly cost-effective for project managers, and it’s very beneficial for extensive infrastructure that is being excavated or even on-site materials that can be sourced again as backfill.

Typical Dry Suction Uses

Dry suction typically involves working along the fence, commercial cleanouts, removing groundwater during floods or other natural disasters, cleaning up spills, removing debris, and even maintaining rails nearby.

How to Choose for Your Construction Site

The best way to decide what kind of excavation you need is to look at what work you need to complete. Choosing the right vac truck involves taking a look at your project and what kind of site you are working on.

For example, if you need to remove groundwater, you should excavate with a dry suction vac truck. On the other hand, you should book a hydro-vac truck to protect tree roots if you find these on your excavation site.

Why Choose When You Can Have Them Both?

What makes our business unique is that we offer a single vac truck, offering you both the option for hydro-vac and dry suction excavation needs. You don’t have to choose between these two, because we provide you the opportunity to use both with our premier equipment. We pride ourselves on providing flexibility and convenience for our customers with our high-quality trucks.

Contact Gear Equipment, Inc. today to learn more about our vac trucks and what we can offer you for your construction needs. Visit our website or call us today at (+1) 416.644.3076 to book your vac truck for your next construction excavation project.

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