Day 2 test Birmingham offers low-cost but reliable testing for all UK arrivals. Read our article for more information about the day two test and what it entails.

With the relaxation of Covid-19 regulations, an increasing number of individuals are embarking on work travels and family vacations. Nevertheless, it’s understandable that you may be worried regarding additional Covid-19 PCR testing to your regular trip expenses. Regardless of your journey purpose, you can opt for a cheap day 2 test in Birmingham offered by Randox. The affordable price can help save money and not leave a hole in your wallet, making it the last thing to worry about on your vacation.

What Is A Day 2 Test

Day 2 Covid-19 testing is needed for all visitors arriving in the UK and has to be taken within two days of their arrival. This aids in viral containment by monitoring coronavirus infections and contacting anyone who has interacted with someone that has received a positive result for the Covid-19 virus.

How Long Does It Take To Receive The Day 2 Test Results? 

The day 2 test in Birmingham offers a quick but low-cost test for UK travellers. The testing procedure is very simple and takes up to 5 minutes to be performed. The results are usually sent within a few hours after the swab is taken and sometimes may take up to 24 hours. The results come in the form of an authentic signed certification via email.

Finding The Booking Reference For Your Passenger Locator Form

All arrivals are requested to provide the day 2 PCR test booking information while completing the PLF. The booking reference is usually sent to you after the day 2 PCR test booking is made and payment is received. You’ll find it in the email; look for bold font or highlighted sections.

What Does The PCR Testing Procedure Involve?

While a negative PCR test is an important proof of infection, a negative result does not imply immunity. Having a negative PCR test does not change the risk of contracting a disease. Continuing to follow the recommended hygiene protocols and social distancing will reduce the risk of infection. If you have symptoms of Covid-19, it is best to isolate yourself and stay in the room for a few days.

What Happens If People Don’t Take The Day 2 Test?

The day 2 test is required for all passengers arriving in the United Kingdom. Failure to obey the law may result in a fine of up to £1,000 or both imprisonment and fines. Travellers must realise that this measure is for their own safety, and this is done to protect them and their families.


Restrictions could vary between countries and airline companies. It is the responsibility of each traveller to find updated information regarding entry requirements before making any arrangements. As a result, you must frequently consult the Foreign Ministry Site for assistance before your journey. Day 2 screening aids in the tracking of various Covid strains and provides better management of the virus’s transmission both within and outside of the UK.

That is why it is recommended to schedule your day 2 test  Birmingham ahead of time to avoid any surprises before your trip.

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