The notion of entrepreneurship puts up with a wide spectrum of connotations and its understanding has evolved over the century. To many, it is linked to commencing one’s business. However, nearly all economists speculate that it is more than just starting a business.

The word entrepreneur comes from the French word entreprendre, meaning ‘to embark on.’ From a business standpoint, it means to start a business. An entrepreneur can also cite a person who systematizes and governs a business and usually takes the risk for the sake of profit or turnover. He can also be characterized as a person with a high propensity who pioneers change or anyone who prefers to be his boss.

Salman Shahzad carries on his entrepreneurial journey consolidating a variety of factors in an inventive manner to generate value to the customer. He works with the vision that this value will surpass the cost of the input factors, therefore spawning greater returns on investment.

With his great entrepreneurial skills of effective communication, selling tactics, focus, learning mindset, and strategic mind Salman started his journey with a product company 6 years ago.

Salman is not only an entrepreneur but an all time updated entrepreneur. He recognizes the need of advancement in technology as it dominates the smooth running of any firm. Almost all businesses strive the involvement of technology on extents starting from research and development, production, and delivery.

All small to large scale enterprises, depend on computers to alleviate their business wants encompassing all factors starting from Point of Sales systems, data control systems apt for dealing with all kinds of data such as employee profile, client profile, accounting and tracking, automation systems for use in large scale production of entities, package sorting, assembly lines, all the way to marketing and communications.

Thus, Salman works with all the effective tools of business that would help people working under him progress and innovate their working ideas with new technological skills. Salman aspires to help people across the field to surpass their limits and gain profit like never before.

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